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Three mighty men

19.02.2014 new product, black and white fairy tales

We started our black and white fairy tales series with the pictures of three princesses. We wanted to have then three mighty men. But when we started to look for them in the fairy tales, we discovered that it isn't so easy. There are no so many male characters in well-known fairy tales. Mostly beautiful princesses and powerful queens are the main characters. Of course, there are brave princes and kings beside those women, but they are not so famous.

But nontheless we found three characters :)

The Valiant Little Tailor, whose mind is sharp as the needle and who kills seven at one blow and marries the King's daughter.

Little Muck, who beside magical boots and staff finds magical figs that grow and reduce nose and ears.

And our first bad figure - Kashchey the Deathless - is such a  strong character and known from several Russian fairy tales. He can fly, turn into raven and it's hart to kill him - Kaschchey's life is in the needle that is in the egg, that is in the duck, that is in the hare, that is in the chest, that is on the high oak, that is guarded by Kaschchey.

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