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We have 1000 fans!

14.09.2014 life is beautiful, great success

Today we had our 1000th fan at Lucky Laika Facebook page. That isn't huge number, but makes us happy anyway :) Hurray!

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08.10.2013 life is beautiful, birthday

Today two years ago we took part in the design fair for the first time. We celebrate this day as our birthday because that's when we started with our business and felt for the first time that we're on the right track. Happy birthday to us! :)

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Joan Armatrading - I'm Lucky

05.10.2013 life is beautiful, lucky is a symbol

Let's continue with the series of posts related to the word "lucky". Last time I wrote about Daft Punk's song "Get Lucky". This time let's go back in time for 30 years and listen to Joan Armatrading's song "I'm Lucky":

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Daft Punk - Get Lucky

30.06.2013 life is beautiful, lucky is a symbol

We're starting with the series of posts dedicated to songs, movies and other art objects that are related to the word "Lucky". It's a big honor to start with Daft Punk's song "Get Lucky" as I'm a big fan of this band for many years.

The song is special for me. In April I started to pull together the loose ends at my previous job because I wanted to focus more on Lucky Laika. One of my favorite bands comes our with the song "Get Lucky" at about the same time :) So it was like a sign for me.

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29.06.2013 life is beautiful

Summer is nice :)

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Merry Christmas!

26.12.2012 life is beautiful

This summer we moved (and so did Be Lucky with us) to our new home in the capital. So we send our Christmas greetings from here in North-Tallinn. Dear friends, be good, happy, generous and brave. We wish you luck for every day in the next year - have luck yourself and give it to someone else, too.

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Spring moments of Be Lucky

08.05.2012 life is beautiful, proverbs, Gustav & Auleid

On the weekend it was such a nice spring weather! We collected our jewelry, took the camera and went taking pictures of our products in this unbelievable nature.

We found this astonishing beauty:

These blossoms fit very well with Be Lucky jewelry:

There was so much beauty that our restless dog Haiku just stared :)

We moved on and found some more nice places:

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27.03.2012 life is beautiful

Weather is still a little bit cold, but spring is here! :)

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