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The Ukrainian postcard

13.01.2015 our activities

Last year in March I already wrote how our "East or West, home is best" picture was created. One of the reasons were the events on Maidan square in Ukraine. In many months later, just in December 2014, we realised that the picture has one more link to Ukraine. We realized that just now because in Estonian the proverb sounds "Everywhere is good, home is best" and although we had in English, too, we didn't pay so much attention to it. The things that are going in Ukraine are more or less related to one main issue - will the country turn to East or West. In this meaning our picture is even more linked to Ukraine and we understood that just now :)

More interesting stuff happend to this picture in December :) We were at home, watching local news on TV and saw how Estonian women made woolen socks as an aid to Ukraine. Then we had an idea that maybe we could send our postcards (which are by the way in Ukrainian flag colors) to Ukraine. Of course they don't warm you and you can't eat them, but we felt that such small present could cheer just a little bit some Ukrainians. Just to show them that their dreams and wishes mean something and there are many people in the world who think about them.

By lucky chance we met our friend Nestor in the mall couple of days later. He told us that he's going to Ukraine after Christmas to see how aid collected in Estonia will be shared in Ukraine. Nestor liked our idea to share postcards and just few hours later a package with several hundreds of postcards with blue tits went right to his luggage. Have a nice trip blue tits and hopefully you'll give at least a couple of smiles to the world!

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