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Three new professions

16.10.2014 professions, product development

The series of professions is getting ready soon. We've made more than half of planned 27 pictures. The recent ones are illustrator, genetic engineer and sailor.

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Drawing genetic engineer

13.10.2014 professions, genetic engineer, product development

Olivia recorded the process of drawing a new picture. Drawing the genetic engineer (for our professions series) took about four hours. In this video we made it more than 70 times faster and so the video is less than four minutes long ;)

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The series of professions has a new look

01.04.2014 professions, product development

When we started with our company, the series of "Professions" was one of our first series. Unfortunately we didn't manage to produce cool products for this series and slowly it faded out.  Now we've decided to re-open this series. Even more, we'll create brand new pictures. Olivia is drawing each picture from the scratch in new style and the result seems much better to us. At the moment we have already three professions: police officer, ballet dancer and fireman. 

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