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Have Courage and the World Is Yours

08.01.2015 new product, proverbs

Wohoo, new picture from the proverbs series is ready! Peeter is brave pilot and the proverb is "Have Courage and the World Is Yours".

Shortly why we chose this proverb and profession for Peeter, who was one of the winners in our Camorka photo contest. This dog got to his new master Annika several years ago, when Peeter was found on the highway. Annika saw that Peeter had rough past and she just couldn't drop the dog to the shelter. It seemed that much better idea would be to take him home, where two friendly labradors were waiting :)

It took time, but step by step Peeter got over his fears and in some time his small, but brave heart opened. That's why it felt right to make Peeter a pilot. A character who's brave and looks forward.

Have courage and the world is yours. Courage that helps you overcome the problems. Courage to help those who are in need.

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The word is stronger than the army

20.08.2014 new product, proverbs

Today, on the 20th of August, our latest picture from the proverbs series was created. It's called "The word is stronger than the army" (in English better know as "The pen is mightier than the sword"). This animal and the proverb are both symbolic for several reasons. Lion is considered to be the King of all animals and so it suits well to celebrate the 20th picture. It's also still the time of Leos in the August. So greetings to all Leos!

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How Olivia drew mouse lemur

21.03.2014 product development, proverbs

A couple of days ago we got ready new picture for our proverbs series, this time it's mouse lemur. Drawing this exotic animal isn't that easy.

Olivia's first sketch reminds more hamster :)

Olivia keeps working and tries to create this cute fury animal, but this time it reminds us a cat.

OK, it's time to have a look at the photo of the lemur. Mouse lemur is a tiny cute animal with huge ears and eyes. 

Olivia focuses on the qualities that are specific for mouse lemur and the result is better. 

But it's not quite a mouse lemur yet. Let's have again a look at the photo of mouse lemur and in an hour or two our lemur is almost done. Ears are now very big, eyes are more close to each other, nose is even sharper, knuckles and the tips of the fingers are bigger and some dark hair is added.

Now let's add some shadows and we have the expected result! Yes! :)

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About loving home and fear

20.03.2014 new product, proverbs

Two new pictures are ready for our "Proverbs" series and soon we'll have products with those pictures. Stay tuned!

First new picture illustrates the proverb "It is good everywhere, but it is the best at home".

This picture was drawn for several reasons. First, a blue tit started visiting balcony of Olivia's room several days ago. Second, Olivia started to work on the picture exactly on the day when the most tragic events happened in Kiev and we were keeping our fingers crossed for the people at Maidan. So it's symbolic that there are blue tits on the picture and their colors are blue and yellow. Another reason is that we ourselves love to be at our home Well, and the last reason is that luckily the winter is over for this year and the wintry background of the picture is kinda saying "It was nice to meet you, winter, but now it's time to say goodbye!"

A couple of days ago a picture "Fear has big eyes" was created. The mouse lemur fits perfectly for this goal as it has huge eyes :)

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Meeting with kids at the National Library

18.02.2014 proverbs, meeting, national library

On the weekend we were at the National Library where we met chidlren to talk about proverbs and draw together.

For start we talked a little about proverbs and explained how those were formed. We let kids guess the proverbs by our pictures and the results were very good, some kids knew the proverbs really well!

Then children chose together an animal for Olivia to draw and that was a unicorn :) 

 At the same time children colored the characters from the proverb pictures.

After coloring children gathered around Olivia and told her what to draw on the unicorn picture :) Seems like it was the most favoruite part of the event for everyone :)

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Knobs are here

01.07.2013 product development, wall hangers, proverbs, knobs

Less than in a month we'll have our hangers ready. Last week we received the important part for the hangers - so called India knobs. Those are really beautiful and there are so many different of them. I was really delighted to see the knobs, but it's hard to describe Olivia's emotions - I guess "like a kid in the candy store" describes pretty well :)

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Spring moments of Be Lucky

08.05.2012 life is beautiful, proverbs, Gustav & Auleid

On the weekend it was such a nice spring weather! We collected our jewelry, took the camera and went taking pictures of our products in this unbelievable nature.

We found this astonishing beauty:

These blossoms fit very well with Be Lucky jewelry:

There was so much beauty that our restless dog Haiku just stared :)

We moved on and found some more nice places:

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New products from proverbs series

22.04.2012 new product, proverbs

It's so nice outside that we should be writing only about sun and warm weather :) Still, we have some other news, too. There are new prodcuts in proverbs series. Old pendants are all sold out and new coming soon. Until that we present brooches and new earrings. They are smaller, but even more cute. Also good news for ladies who don't have their ears pierced: now we offer clip-on earrings.

Beside jewelry there are now buttons in our e-shop.

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All's Fair in Love and War

27.11.2011 new product, proverbs

There is a new product on our "Proverbs" series - print "All's Fair in Love and War". We can say already now that it won't be the last product with the cat in uniform :)

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