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How Olivia drew mouse lemur

21.03.2014 product development, proverbs

A couple of days ago we got ready new picture for our proverbs series, this time it's mouse lemur. Drawing this exotic animal isn't that easy.

Olivia's first sketch reminds more hamster :)

Olivia keeps working and tries to create this cute fury animal, but this time it reminds us a cat.

OK, it's time to have a look at the photo of the lemur. Mouse lemur is a tiny cute animal with huge ears and eyes. 

Olivia focuses on the qualities that are specific for mouse lemur and the result is better. 

But it's not quite a mouse lemur yet. Let's have again a look at the photo of mouse lemur and in an hour or two our lemur is almost done. Ears are now very big, eyes are more close to each other, nose is even sharper, knuckles and the tips of the fingers are bigger and some dark hair is added.

Now let's add some shadows and we have the expected result! Yes! :)

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About loving home and fear

20.03.2014 new product, proverbs

Two new pictures are ready for our "Proverbs" series and soon we'll have products with those pictures. Stay tuned!

First new picture illustrates the proverb "It is good everywhere, but it is the best at home".

This picture was drawn for several reasons. First, a blue tit started visiting balcony of Olivia's room several days ago. Second, Olivia started to work on the picture exactly on the day when the most tragic events happened in Kiev and we were keeping our fingers crossed for the people at Maidan. So it's symbolic that there are blue tits on the picture and their colors are blue and yellow. Another reason is that we ourselves love to be at our home Well, and the last reason is that luckily the winter is over for this year and the wintry background of the picture is kinda saying "It was nice to meet you, winter, but now it's time to say goodbye!"

A couple of days ago a picture "Fear has big eyes" was created. The mouse lemur fits perfectly for this goal as it has huge eyes :)

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Three mighty men

19.02.2014 new product, black and white fairy tales

We started our black and white fairy tales series with the pictures of three princesses. We wanted to have then three mighty men. But when we started to look for them in the fairy tales, we discovered that it isn't so easy. There are no so many male characters in well-known fairy tales. Mostly beautiful princesses and powerful queens are the main characters. Of course, there are brave princes and kings beside those women, but they are not so famous.

But nontheless we found three characters :)

The Valiant Little Tailor, whose mind is sharp as the needle and who kills seven at one blow and marries the King's daughter.

Little Muck, who beside magical boots and staff finds magical figs that grow and reduce nose and ears.

And our first bad figure - Kashchey the Deathless - is such a  strong character and known from several Russian fairy tales. He can fly, turn into raven and it's hart to kill him - Kaschchey's life is in the needle that is in the egg, that is in the duck, that is in the hare, that is in the chest, that is on the high oak, that is guarded by Kaschchey.

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Meeting with kids at the National Library

18.02.2014 proverbs, meeting, national library

On the weekend we were at the National Library where we met chidlren to talk about proverbs and draw together.

For start we talked a little about proverbs and explained how those were formed. We let kids guess the proverbs by our pictures and the results were very good, some kids knew the proverbs really well!

Then children chose together an animal for Olivia to draw and that was a unicorn :) 

 At the same time children colored the characters from the proverb pictures.

After coloring children gathered around Olivia and told her what to draw on the unicorn picture :) Seems like it was the most favoruite part of the event for everyone :)

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Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky

09.01.2014 lucky is a symbol

25 years ago Kylie Minogue just started with her singing career. Song "I should be so lucky" is from debut album "Kylie". In 1988 Kylie used to sing so..."lucky, lucky, lucky" :)

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Find your product

27.12.2013 media

Now that we have been existing for couple of years, we start to notice our products in other places than our working table. Usually we see people wearing our jewelry on the fairs where we sell our stuff. But now it's new level, we see our products in media. Yeah, that's a great feeling :)

For instance our friend's sister had her book presentation covered in the (local online-newspaper) gallery and it was nice to see that one of the guests had our rabbit earrings:

Photo: Tiit Mõtus /

It was even cooler to discover that City of Tartu had one photo with our pendant in their campaign. Haldi on the photo doesn't wear pendant on her neck, but has it around her arm in a very stylish way. We love it!

Photo: City of Tartu

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08.10.2013 life is beautiful, birthday

Today two years ago we took part in the design fair for the first time. We celebrate this day as our birthday because that's when we started with our business and felt for the first time that we're on the right track. Happy birthday to us! :)

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Joan Armatrading - I'm Lucky

05.10.2013 life is beautiful, lucky is a symbol

Let's continue with the series of posts related to the word "lucky". Last time I wrote about Daft Punk's song "Get Lucky". This time let's go back in time for 30 years and listen to Joan Armatrading's song "I'm Lucky":

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