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Design and vintage fair at Design night festival in Telliskivi Loomelinnak

30.09.2013 fair, Telliskivi loomelinnak

On Saturday we were in Telliskivi Loomelinnak. Our line of products included picture from brand new series and couple of new products from the proverbs series. We'll tell more about them later this week.

This time we noticed several new products and brands and here's a little bit about them.

Härra Aprill offered these great shelves. Very cool product that is practical, but also will make your home look nicer. Maria put them into those good looking boxes:

Kummi vööbik's belts made from recycled bicycle tyres were a real eyecatcher. The belts were really cool...

...but also it was very cool to see them presented on the old bicycle:

Nice colorful set of children clothes from Cotton. All made in Estonia and very human- and nature-friendly (organic cotton, water-based colors). Pictures on the clothes are drawn by Aleksei Turovski:

Next to us there was Mänfred who sold cool hangers. The hangers made of thick film faced plywood (it has smooth cover) looked very solid and interesting :) I must have some of those!


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13.08.2013 fair, Augustiunetus, Pärnu

Last weekend we were in Pärnu. Augustiunetus (August Insomnia) has very special and cool feeling. Organisers somehow manage to create relaxed, fun and friendly environment. There was some rain this year, but the event was a success anyway. It was very nice!

Our table, as always, was at the cross of Roosi and Supeluse streets:

Haiku was with us again. On this photo he's watching his stick :)

There was a lots of four-legged friends at Augustiunetus. Here's one proud and classy customer:

Roosi street is full of small improvised cafes at the event. Here are the hostesses of Häpi Hipi Cafe:

Mandatory photo of the muffin:

Yeah, it was cool :)

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Knobs are here

01.07.2013 product development, wall hangers, proverbs, knobs

Less than in a month we'll have our hangers ready. Last week we received the important part for the hangers - so called India knobs. Those are really beautiful and there are so many different of them. I was really delighted to see the knobs, but it's hard to describe Olivia's emotions - I guess "like a kid in the candy store" describes pretty well :)

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Daft Punk - Get Lucky

30.06.2013 life is beautiful, lucky is a symbol

We're starting with the series of posts dedicated to songs, movies and other art objects that are related to the word "Lucky". It's a big honor to start with Daft Punk's song "Get Lucky" as I'm a big fan of this band for many years.

The song is special for me. In April I started to pull together the loose ends at my previous job because I wanted to focus more on Lucky Laika. One of my favorite bands comes our with the song "Get Lucky" at about the same time :) So it was like a sign for me.

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29.06.2013 life is beautiful

Summer is nice :)

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Bear family

30.01.2013 new product, Gustav & Auleid

Gustav & Auleid series includes now second picture - sweet "Bear family". Price including frame just 12 euros.

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Merry Christmas!

26.12.2012 life is beautiful

This summer we moved (and so did Be Lucky with us) to our new home in the capital. So we send our Christmas greetings from here in North-Tallinn. Dear friends, be good, happy, generous and brave. We wish you luck for every day in the next year - have luck yourself and give it to someone else, too.

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18.11.2012 lucky laika sees beauty

We should praise someone else beside ourselves :) I've noticed young Ukrainian illustrator Anna Oliver aka atpalicis. You can find her cute pictures onFacebook and her blog. There was a give-away on her blog recently and I won this great calendar. I'd like to share with you, how beautiful was this calendar that I've received coouple of weeks ago and how lovely it was packed.

Look, the package is just made with love:

Beside the calendar atpalicis sent me little card, hand-drawn congratulation card  and the lucky winning paper. Isn't that sweet? :)

Calendar is wrapped in paper and fixed with nice sticker:

And here are the beautiful calendar sheets:

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Spring moments of Be Lucky

08.05.2012 life is beautiful, proverbs, Gustav & Auleid

On the weekend it was such a nice spring weather! We collected our jewelry, took the camera and went taking pictures of our products in this unbelievable nature.

We found this astonishing beauty:

These blossoms fit very well with Be Lucky jewelry:

There was so much beauty that our restless dog Haiku just stared :)

We moved on and found some more nice places:

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