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New series "Gustav & Auleid"

24.04.2012 new product, Gustav & Auleid

We have new series. It includes at the moment just one picture, but there are two products: picture and pendant. The series is called "Gustav & Auleid"

Gustav was Olivia's great-grandfather, Auleid was Tarieli's grandfather. By naming the series "Gustav & Auleid" we wanted to pay tribute to older generations, and especially to our ancestors. We wanted a piece of history to reach Be Lucky products. This series of images is a reflection of those old photographs that have survived about 100 years. Some of those hang on the walls at our home. Customs, traditions and fashion of that time look at us from those photos. We try to reflect that mood in our pictures, but with a little humor - our characters are animals.

The first picture of the series is in sad mood. "Mouse in rain" prints are available in small size and already framed.

The pendant is the biggest size of our jewelry, it includes color matching chain and gift box.

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New products from proverbs series

22.04.2012 new product, proverbs

It's so nice outside that we should be writing only about sun and warm weather :) Still, we have some other news, too. There are new prodcuts in proverbs series. Old pendants are all sold out and new coming soon. Until that we present brooches and new earrings. They are smaller, but even more cute. Also good news for ladies who don't have their ears pierced: now we offer clip-on earrings.

Beside jewelry there are now buttons in our e-shop.

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27.03.2012 life is beautiful

Weather is still a little bit cold, but spring is here! :)

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All's Fair in Love and War

27.11.2011 new product, proverbs

There is a new product on our "Proverbs" series - print "All's Fair in Love and War". We can say already now that it won't be the last product with the cat in uniform :)

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Be Lucky starts!

09.10.2011 fair, Tartu kaubamaja, Tartu

About one year ago we had an idea to create our company. Company that would make the world more beautiful. We felt that we had many good ideas and could create things that are much prettier than those that can be found in the shops. The time will show, if we'll succeed.

In spring 2011 our ideas were more clear and in summer of the same year LSB LLC was created. It's still a secret why this name was chosen :) We named our brand Be Lucky. Although we love Estonian language, it was decided to have brand name in English, because we have a small dream of getting our products outside of Estonia, too. In that case English brand would be more understood. Although it sounds a little bit like a brand of a lottery company, we feel that it brings out also our philosophy. Luckiness can have different forms. We think that a person is lucky, if he/she is beautiful inside and outside and it's perfect if those are in balance. By outer beauty we mean more the environment that surrounds person - clothes, accessories, furniture, utensils, city space etc. If all of those elements are nice and well designed, then definitely it's easier for person to focus on his/her inner beauty.

Company created in summer started to take off very slowly and step by step in September-October. We felt now very well how every little thing requires much more effort and time than we expected. But it's the best feeling to see the final product in the end :) We rely on our own ideas and feelings when creating our products, but it's really important to get some feedback from people. We had a chance to get this feedback a couple of weeks ago :) There was Estonian Creation Day at Tartu Mall and we were selling our products.

And now about that feedback: it was 100% positive! We were prepared to hear criticism about our products or prices, but of course we hoped that people we'll like our things. People who stopped by our table had only positive emotions. It was great to see customers having a look at our things and then smile :)

We had for our first sale buttons, prints, cups, plates and accessories.

Thanks to Marliis for photos!

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